Who is Penny Wyldbore Designs?

Owner and Creative Director

Penny Wyldbore


I am a married mum with two beautiful girls and I live and work in Sedgley, West Midlands in the UK.

I have been working with jewellery in one way or another for over 40 years and if not jewellery I was always crafting, drawing or building something!

I set up Penny Wyldbore Designs in 2010 doing small fund-raisers and craft fairs, as well as running workshops, but this is our first real foray into the wonderful world of the internet.

I work alongside my eldest daughter to design and create stunning, one of a kind pieces of wire wrapped healing jewellery and jewellery collection, with earrings, rings and pendants.

I love all things middle earth and I get a lot of inspiration from the grace and serenity of the elves. I believe in dragons and fairies, angels and magic, all of whom fire my imagination and help my creativity.

I studied crystal healing before I started making jewellery and am inspired by the fact that something beautiful that I have made can also help to heal the person who wears it.

I am a Sekhem practitioner and I channel this Egyptian healing energy into all of my jewellery.

Marketing Director

Georgia Wyldbore

I am the eldest of two girls, studying Art, Film & Theatre at Reading University.

When Mum first started to learn how to create jewellery I followed almost immediately having a love of creativity and art. I have a love of repeating patterns and quite an artistic eye, if I may say so myself which makes the wire wrapping we produce one of my favourite things to do

I spend all of the time I’m not working through Uni work, playing with bits of wire, drawing or doing the computer side of the business such as creating the website and I didn’t put anything insulting either, so mum will be happy. All joking aside, I love what I do both at Uni and at home, and I’m so grateful that I have parents who are so supportive and encourage me!!

I am a Sekhem practitioner like my mother and I love working with these energies, giving all of our pieces that little bit of extra magic, is so rewarding for me and also for whomever receives that gift.