Customer Testimonials

At Penny Wyldbore Designs we love customer feed-back and happily share here the wonderful testimonials our customers have sent in…….

Stone of Isis

I love this piece of jewellery that Penny created – the jasper is such a beautiful size, colour and shape and the intricacy of the wire design is amazing.  The wire work is different on each side so I can choose which way I want to wear the necklace on any given day.  Whenever I wear this piece I receive compliments on it and the necklace is adjustable in length too.

– Sal Robinson


 “My happy stone”

I asked Penny to make me a citrine pendant in December 2015 – and I absolutely love the result! I can wear it with anything, and the stone seems to have a real glow, so people comment on it a lot. Penny designed the pendant and made sure I was absolutely happy with the look of it before she started making it.I chose citrine because it is associated with success and abundance, which seemed appropriate for me as I was coming up to the end of my first year running my own business. I also had crystal therapy and citrine was one of the stones the complementary therapist picked out as being particularly beneficial for me. As well as being associated with success, it also dispels negative energy – and I have to say, the stone really does have a happy feel about it! Thank you Penny!

– Rachel Robb

Citrine pendant 2

Zadkiel’s Shard

The colour of the crystal is so incredible and the picture doesn’t capture the level of detail of the wire work on the back – often I feel inclined to wear it the other way to show off the copper.  The ribbon necklace is so lovely and I love the qualities that this embodies.

– Sal Robinson


A re-wrap of Isis Blood Stone

I don’t just LIKE it I love it !!!!!!!!! Thank you, this is beautiful healing jewellery and I’m delighted that we are selling it at Heaven Scent Bliss,
Love & sparkling blessings Annie x x x

– Annie Day


Penny made a beautiful bespoke ring for me.  I had seen and liked a similar ring made in copper metal with a red stone that she had made and I wanted one in silver metal with a blue stone that would go with the colours that I usually wear, so I asked Penny to make one for me.The result was stunning with the exact shade of blue that I wanted.
Penny Wyldbore jewellery is beautifully crafted to a high standard and the stones and crystals that Penny uses are glorious.  I highly recommend Penny Wyldbore Designs.

– Alison Townsend


What I love about Penny’s jewellery is that it works beautifully with the natural form of the crystals. As well as looking amazing, her pieces are wonderfully balanced and wearable. The intricacy of her wire-work complements the colour and shape of each crystal and the overall effect is striking and unique. My pendant never fails to attract admiring glances and comments.

– Liz Thursfield


Turquoise necklace

This is the first piece of Penny’s jewellery that I bought as I understood how powerful turquoise is for women and I loved the incorporation of what I perceived to be symbolism of femininity within the copper wire design.  The quality of the stone is incredible and the wire work is so delicate.

– Sal Robinson


Penny worked with me right from the start in creating something individual and unique to me… I was even able to choose my own crystal that I wanted to use. She was very accommodating and helpful and it was ready very quickly too – so whether you have a creative eye and just want to ask Penny to create it or want some help with the design, Penny can do it.. She’s very talented and very reasonable price wise too! What a winning combination!

– Philippa Smart

Amethyst & sterling commision

Penny’s jewellery is unique and simply stunning. Her craftsmanship is second to none and when I wear
items she has made I am always complimented on them.

– Vicki Justin

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